When a Logo Has Multiple Personalities

Finding the perfect logo design is like finding a treasure. When the emblem fits the brand in all aspects, it becomes more convincing.

It makes it easier to sell the brand. This is why business owners are advised to give a lot of thought when designing a logo.

Recall is very important in a business, so ideally, you should only have one logo, especially if you are just starting out. Having too many logos creates confusion and could be very annoying for some people.


The key to successful branding is investing in a high-quality logo exclusive to your business. You may have to pay a logo designer quite more for a custom-made logo, but with all the benefits you’d get from it, every cent you pay is worth it.

There are some companies that opt to change their logo every so often. Google does it whenever there is a holiday or a special event.

But since Google’s exposure is different, the public has come to accept these logo makeovers as an artistic expression. Another company with gazillions of logos is AOL. Below you can see the many variations of its marketing emblem. 

Before you think about purchasing different logo designs for your business, remember that the purpose of the logo is to establish familiarity.

While AOL and Google have gotten away with many logos, a newly established brand or company still has many years to burn before it can take that risk. Don’t change it unless there is a good reason for you to change your logo design, say there’s a similar emblem or you found something wrong with the design.

The best tip in choosing a logo for your brand is to hire a logo designer that will create a logo design that hits all the right notes for you.

A satisfying, appropriate, and high-quality design will prevent the urge to change your logo on a whim. Here are other tips to ensure that the emblem that you invest in will be a part of your business for a long time.

Choose a timeless symbol

If you decide that you want a logo design with an arbitrary symbol to be associated with your company, make sure it is a symbol that is universally good and one that isn’t likely to be dated. Avoid graphics that are too trendy.

Avoid fancy fonts.

The dead giveaway for most old logos is the font. When the font is of poor quality or is too fancy and whimsy, you might need a makeover in a short while.

Keep the layout simple.

Logo designs that don’t have a lot of things going on are difficult to work with and will get old faster than simpler styles. 

A logo designer with the skills and tools to match can save you from constantly updating your emblem’s design. Remember that one good logo is better than hundreds of forgettable logos.

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