Wedding Logos for Freelance Wedding Planners

Weddings are among our favorite events because they suggest romance, love, and good vibes. For wedding planners, a good wedding logo design is essential. Some freelancers would think that they don’t need one.

However, if you want clients seeking your services, you have to make yourself a brand. In every industry, the way you present yourself is the start of success. Never underestimate the power of a logo.

When business owners are paying top dollar to get a marketing emblem (in fact, you see thousands of these logos everywhere), they will realize that they are up to something.

A qualified logo designer is the one to approach if you need quality wedding logos. Here are some guidelines for picking a wedding logo design that will represent your business.

Choose an elegant design.

For wedding logos, a logo designer can take inspiration from almost anywhere. It can be a flower, jewelry, etc. Since you will be dealing with marital ceremonies, it is essential that you present your business in an elegant and orderly fashion. A low-key design that looks refined is highly recommended. Avoid the garish, overly bold, and too-edgy styles. 

Simple is best.

Usually, wedding logos consist of only one to two elements. Keep the layout simple and clean. A logo that has too many details is not good, especially when it comes to wedding services. 

Skip the slogan.

Slogans can be tricky to apply, especially on a wedding services logo. The logo designer might make room for a tagline, but you should skip it.

Tag lines work best for informal businesses such as cleaning services, diners, and kid shops. For weddings, they might be overkill.

Keep the colors delicate.

Like most wedding-related things, pastel colors are your best bet for a wedding logo. Ask the logo designer for a variety of color options that you can choose from.

If it is to be an all-text logo, you can choose neutral colors or go black and white. Just avoid the colors that are too out there—such as red, bright yellow, and neon green. The best colors for logo designs are those that are easy on the eyes. 

Don’t DIY.

Do not resort to making your own design for a professional-looking wedding logo. You can discuss the elements that you like with a skilled logo designer and then ask to have a custom-made logo created for you.

A DIY logo will only be rejected by a printer since it won’t come in the necessary formats. 

Buy ready-made logos.

If you don’t have the time to wait for a custom logo design, another option is to buy ready-made wedding logos. Just make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable logo website.

Also, make sure that the formats included with your purchase are industry standard. 

A wedding service logo is a recommended tool for giving your business a boost. Find a reliable logo designer and start your way to success.

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