The Perfect Brand: Logo Design Inspiration

Every brand deserves a logo that is all it’s own. A logo says a lot about a brand, an organization, or a company. It is the primary identifying mark—something to use for advertising, conveying a message, asserting a belief, and for making people aware of the company’s products and services.

A custom logo design is highly recommended because generic logos are very hard to take seriously. For a professional-looking emblem, finding a logo design company will make the whole process easier. Like most things, a logo starts with an idea related to the brand. Here are some ideas for finding a logo design inspiration. 


Nature is a good source of logo design inspiration because natural elements are universal. People see the sun in the same way—as a source of warmth, heat, glow, and sunshine.

People see mountains as challenging, as a conquest, and as something big. Trees are seen as a symbol of life, growth, and progress. Take a good look around you and spend a great amount of time outdoors to find a nature aspect you can incorporate into the design of your logo.

Cultural Symbols

The use of symbols in logos is a classic trend. Symbols give depth and a mystifying quality to the design and cut the use of too many words.

Different cultures use different symbols, and using those that won’t be taken in the wrong context is highly advised. 

Place of Origin

An effective source of logo design inspiration is the brand/company’s place of origin, mother city, or country. Some certain colors and symbols resonate really well with a particular city or country.

The colors white, green, and red—the colors of the Italian flag—are often used by Italian restaurants because it also mirrors the colors mostly seen in Italian cuisine. There is white for pasta and cheese, red for tomatoes, and green for herbs. It’s cheesy, but it works for some.

Created personas

If the usual symbols, numbers, and monograms sound too common for your taste, why not create your own logo persona?

Think about the Pringles can. The guy with a mustache and thick eyebrows is highly recognizable. Even without the word Pringles next to it, people immediately know that it is the crispy potato snack that they love.

Another brand that has a recognizable persona is Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

Pop art

If kids and teens are the targeted audiences, pop art—bright colors, edgy designs, and striking patterns— works best. These pop art elements are often seen in candies, kid’s clothing, and toy brands. Because they are bright and colorful, they easily catch children’s attention.

The logo design inspiration can come from almost anywhere. While keeping up with the trends is a good thing, using your own ideas will make sure that your logo will stand out more.

Don’t limit yourself to the usual generic logo elements. Think outside of the box and use your imagination to create a logo that fits your brand.

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