Magazine Design

Magazines have a specific allure. There is something about glossy paper and bold banners that is so enticing and posh, you just can’t blame enthusiasts for being so addicted to them.

A magazine can serve a lot of purpose. It can be informative, entertaining, and a tool for promotion. It is also a form of expression—verbal and visual, so it involves some artistic concepts as well.

A good magazine design starts with the cover. Check out newsstands and you can observe that there are some magazines that practically call out to you, urging you to pick them out.

This is what you should aim for when launching a magazine. It has to have an attractive cover and a substantial content. Otherwise, your efforts won’t pay off that much. For quality designs, only trust IT Graphix. 

Magazine layout design

To ensure that your publication gets the expected number of sales, an interesting magazine layout design should be implemented.

Always find inspiration. Keep abreast of the latest trends and browse a number of magazines that have a similar theme as yours. In addition, find inspiration from other things such as modern art, photos that you like, and even nature. 

Aside from the layout, you should also think about getting high quality photos. Never scrimp on photos as they would play a huge part in the success of your magazine.

If you need a designer, check out IT Graphix. This is a hugely raved about graphics designer in Thailand and one of the services they offer is magazine layout design. 

Magazine cover design

When thinking about coming out with a magazine, among the first things you have to consider is the magazine cover design.

This will play a huge role in the success or failure of a publication. Readers often buy magazines based on the cover alone most of the time so you have to be sure to capture their interest as much as you can. 

A good cover has a nice visual impact—great color choices, eye catching banner, and interesting tags that will trigger the curiosity of the readers. For your magazine cover, it’s best to speak to an expert designer.

A professional can save you from stress and worries and will make the entire process smooth. 

Magazine designer

A magazine is one creative project that you may love or hate doing, depending on your first experience with it.

The process involves a number of details so if you are working on your own or with the wrong set of people, it can give you some headache.

Aside from hiring the best writers and editors and photographers, you also have to find a qualified magazine designer that will work on the cover and the overall design of the magazine.

It is important that you see eye-to-eye in terms of your expectations as well as the creative input of the designer. Since magazines have different purposes, you have to be clear about your objective right at the very beginning.

Also, it is important to focus on your theme and work consistently on it page after page to get a cohesive product.

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