Logo Designer Tips: Characteristics of a Good Logo Design

Everyday people are exposed to thousands of logo designs. They are scattered everywhere—from the disposable cup of our morning coffee, to your can of diet soda, even on the napkins handed to you at the bagel stand.

You see cool logo designs on cars, on your purse, on your perfume’s cap, and even on the websites you frequent.

There is no escaping brand logos, and if you are thinking about building your own brand, it is very vital that you decide on the professional logo design early on. Here are the qualities of the best logo design for your business.

It has to have a solid message.

The challenge for every logo designer is to come up with a layout that is cohesive. This does not mean sticking to one symbol or design element.

This means putting the elements together in such a way that they work as one. Not every logo designer has the talent to come up with a beautifully put together design.

This is the reason why even some multi-million dollar companies also bear laughable logos. 

It has to look “right” in every angle. 

There are some popular logos that caught public attention because they seem humorous and inappropriate when viewed in different ways.

You don’t want to be on that list of inappropriate logos that cause people to snigger every time they see them. This is why it is advised that you seek the services of a professional logo designer. A professionally designed logo is easier to take seriously.

The logo design has to be clear and sharp.

Because you will be using the logo design for various purposes and on various media, this means that the design will have to be reproduced in different sizes. A poorly made design won’t be able to take alterations on the size pretty well. 

Also, some designs are color dependent. This means that they rely on a very specific color scheme to be interesting. Avoid logo designs that are like that. A professional logo designer can help you design a logo that will look great even without the colors. 

A good logo design is universally appealing.

Unless you are only after a very specific niche for your business, you need a logo design that is acceptable and appropriate everywhere, especially if you are aiming to be a global brand.

The differences in culture, religion, and beliefs, are what dictate what’s acceptable and what’s not. So do your homework so you can learn to come up with a logo design that is least likely to offend or compromise a certain group.

Being wary of the demographic you are dealing with shows that you are a company worth seeking out.

It has to be timeless.

A logo designer has to produce something that is never too trendy that it would lose appeal years later. Think long term and choose a design that is unlikely to go out of style. 

IT Graphix creates logos that sell. Talk to our in-house designers and let us help you with your business logo design. 

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