Iconic Jewelry Logos

A business without a good logo can be very hard to take seriously. A company emblem is usually what potential clients remember about a brand. Without it, familiarity will be very hard to achieve.

To ensure that your logo gets the right attention, it is highly recommended to ask a designer to help you create your company logo design.

Designing a logo with clipart is not advisable, as any layout you’d come up with will only look great on your computer screen. Once it is printed, the flaws in the design will be too obvious to ignore.

When it comes to jewelry logos, exclusivity is the key. Since people consider jewelry an investment, your logo design must suggest high quality, craftsmanship, and value.

If the emblem looks shabby or poorly fashioned, clients can easily look elsewhere. If you want a logo that is worth showing off, you can have a logo designer create a logo that is all your own. 

In choosing a design for jewelry logos, keep these pointers in mind. 

The logo has to be unique.

Never attempt to copy a competitor’s logo. As much as possible, deviate from their design concept and choose something distinct. Find inspiration. It could be a city, a time period, or a symbol that reflects the quality of your jewelry line. 

The layout should be clear and sharp.

Because jewelry logos will often be used on a small scale, the design has to be sharp, so it can remain intact even when printed small.

The clarity of the layout is also important as the logo will most likely be printed in different unconventional media like leather, parchment, metal, and paper.

Discuss this with the logo designer to ensure that the jewelry logo is versatile. 


The logo design should reflect the kind of pieces the company is offering.

If the pieces are elegant and refined, the logo has to be elegant and refined. The logo should be modern and not too fancy if the pieces are chunky and edgy. 

Jewelry logos should not be color-dependent.

A logo designer should come up with a simple yet interesting design that is not color dependent. The logo should look amazing even in black and white. If it needs a lot of colors to work, scratch the idea. 


Keep it simple. 

Good logos don’t need to have too many things going on to be effective. In fact, the most impressive logos are those that are simple and easy to understand. Keep the logo design simple, elegant, and low-key. 


A jewelry logo should suggest quality.

Poor-quality logos are a no-no for a jewelry business. People expect quality from a jewelry store. The logo design should be professional looking and not shabby. 

A good logo design is an investment. Find a reliable logo designer, and don’t settle for free online logos that are easily duplicated. Your business deserves a logo that is just it’s own.

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