Food & Restaurant Logos: Appetite Boosting Color Trends

There is a popular color trend in every industry. If you take time to look at the logos that you see every day, you’d be able to realize that there seem to be certain colors that work best for a particular type of business and not so much for others.

Red and blue are usually picked for political logo designs. For fashion logos, black and white are always in vogue. When it comes to banks, yellow and blue, seem to be a hit.

A logo designer takes time to study how colors suggest different kinds of emotions. Because color is a part of a logo design, it matters in so many ways what color combinations your logo has.

Blue seems to be the least popular choice for food and restaurant logos because it has calming properties, dampens excitement, and decreases appetite. This is the reason why blue plates are never popular, and blue paint is hardly ever used for a dining area. 

The most popular color choice for food and restaurant logos is orange. This is a highly stimulating color that is known to boost the appetite and encourage social interaction.

It seems that orange is effective in creating an ambiance most suitable for a good meal. If you are thinking of a logo design for your diner or restaurant, discussing the color orange with your logo designer might be a good idea. Here are some logos to inspire you.

Aside from the color orange, the combination of the other two warm colors—red and yellow—is also very popular, especially among fast food chains.

This combination is very basic as it reminds people of two commonly used condiments in fast food chains—mustard and ketchup. For some reason, seeing these colors make people think about food.

Well, not just any food, but comfort foods like pizza, burgers, chili, fries, and subs. It’s no surprise that this red and yellow combo is becoming more and more popular.

It effectively attracts customers and encourages them to eat more too. Here are some logos with red and yellow colors.'s%20logo.jpg

In deciding on the color combination of your logo design, you don’t necessarily have to follow these trends.

However, it is also wise to keep them in mind if in case you want a no-fail business emblem.

Finding a reliable logo designer can help you come up with something unique to your business but still as effective as these food and restaurant logos.

The best logo designs for food and restaurants are those that don’t look so stiff. Think of the words homey, casual, kitchen-feel, and organic. Remember that food is man’s most basic need and is a sense-dependent thing.

Anything that stimulates the sense of taste and smell and evokes the feelings of a hearty meal is a good choice when it comes to food-related emblems.

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