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  • When  a Logo Design Fails

    The logo design is usually the basis of the first impression when it comes to a specific product or institution.  Because the logo acts subliminally, it can make or break a business. It can either attract clients or make them look elsewhere. The quality of the design of a logo is a factor in making […]

  • Luxury Fashion Brand Logos

    A luxury fashion brand logo design is a requisite for every successful luxury brand or business. It is the starting point of a brand, the visual representation of a marketing identity. When someone hears a particular brand or entity, the mind makes associations with visuals. If the brand does not have any, recall can never […]

  • Logo Designer Insights: Are Clipart Logos Any Good?

    Before anything can ever become a brand, it needs its own distinctive logo—a logo design that the general public can associate with it alone. Not everyone seems to understand just how important a logo is to a business. New entrepreneurs even settle for a free logo design that they find online. The thing is, while […]

  • Choosing an Online Logo Designer

    Not all logos are created equal. Some logo designs are destined for worldwide success, others are forgettable, and some are just simply poorly made. In order to make sure that you have the perfect logo design, the help of a professional logo designer cannot be stressed enough. In all areas of life, we get to […]

  • Logo Designer Tips: Characteristics of a Good Logo Design

    Everyday people are exposed to thousands of logo designs. They are scattered everywhere—from the disposable cup of our morning coffee, to your can of diet soda, even on the napkins handed to you at the bagel stand. You see cool logo designs on cars, on your purse, on your perfume’s cap, and even on the […]

  • Web Design

    Having a strong online presence can help your business be ahead of its competition. Nowadays, it is essential for every company—big or small—to have a working and easy to navigate website. More and more people are gaining access to the internet and are going online for their various needs. If you own a neighborhood bakeshop […]

  • Restaurant Menu Design

    If you own a dining place, your menu is something of great importance to your business. Believe it or not, your restaurant menu design can affect your bottom line. Since this conveys your products to your customers, you have to make sure that your menu complements the theme of your place and makes every dish […]

  • Advertising Design

    Once you launched your brand, the next logical step would be to power up the promotions. First, you need to think about maximizing the use of your logo. Place it where it will be noticed and where it would be appropriate. Also, set up a website to increase your online exposure. You can also think […]

  • Brand Identity Design

    Designing brand identity will be a lot easier if you have a professional graphic designer to help you. Building a brand involves several steps. It all starts with a good company logo. For those who are planning on launching a business, a logo is a primary consideration. This will be used in almost everything that […]

  • Magazine Design

    Magazines have a specific allure. There is something about glossy paper and bold banners that is so enticing and posh, you just can’t blame enthusiasts for being so addicted to them. A magazine can serve a lot of purpose. It can be informative, entertaining, and a tool for promotion. It is also a form of […]