Companies Changing Logos For Pride

A logo design is a brand’s primary identifier. Having a business emblem has a lot of benefits. It helps create awareness that an entity or a brand exists, it creates familiarity, it is a convenient ID, and it gives the public a preview of what to expect from the brand. 

Ideally, a logo should be timeless and won’t need any upgrade. The logo of Nike and Chanel are proof that there are logo designs that could actually stand the test of time and will look as appealing as they did the first time they were launched.

This is why it is highly recommended that you opt for a simple logo design—something that is not too trendy but has a high impact. Sometimes, a company decides to give its logo a makeover. Others go as far as getting a totally different logo. Here are some examples.



Among the companies that have chosen to scratch their old logo for a new one is Gap. Sadly, the change was not much of a success as there is no contest between the old and the new emblem.

The old one is simple but interesting. The new one has discord with the brand. It seems more fitting as a technology or computer logo than a fashion logo. If you need to tweak the logo, make sure that the logo designer can come up with something a lot better than your existing one. 

Burger King

Another company that gave its logo design a makeover is Burger King. The simple orange-red logo was changed into a red-yellow-blue burger logo.

The upgrade for this case is good because the new logo is more balanced in terms of colors. The addition of blue in the design gave the layout a bit of texture which was missing from the old logo.

Fed Ex

FedEx - Evolution of Logos & Brand

Fed Ex is probably one of the companies that successfully updated its logo. The old logo was good but obviously belongs to another decade.

The new logo design is more cutting-edge, modern, and easily recognizable. The logo designer for the new logo created a brilliant design and made this logo a case study on the effective use of negative space.

If you see the white arrow between the capital E and x, that’s one of the most brilliant optimizations of negative space. 


An important thing to consider if you think about changing your logo is that it still has to be recognizable. If it is too far from the previous design, it could backfire.

The new Kentucky Fried Chicken logo has successfully overhauled its old emblem, giving it a fresher, cleaner, clearer look. The bucket behind the colonel is genius, as the word “bucket” is greatly associated with the brand.

Overall, this is considered to be one of the most amazing logos transformations when it comes to food and restaurant logos.

If you are thinking of making a change to your existing logo, find a professional logo designer to do the job for you.

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